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Service de Transfert d’Argent MoneyGram

The money transfer service meets an important need in today's global economy. MoneyGram International money transfer company leading, can meet the financial needs of consumers who are not fully served by traditional financial institutions. MoneyGram offers bill payment services in the United States and money transfer services internationally through a global network of more than 334,000 outlets - including retailers, international post offices and financial institutions - in more 200 countries and territories.

Fast and reliable - same day service **
You want to send money for urgent reasons or just to please your loved ones? It is easy to send and receive money with MoneyGram. Our extensive branch network and our speed of service allow you to receive your money where and when you have 10 minutes ** besoinen only.

Calculate  shipping and send money today.

Why use MoneyGram?
To send money to friends and family on special occasions, to show them that you think of them. You can even add a personal message to your gift. A gift in cash is always appreciated on special occasions, such as 

  • birthdays 
  • Back to School 
  • the graduation 
  • holidays   

Want to send money?
Four steps are sufficient and ensure that your money will arrive where there is need.

  1. Calculate  shipping 
  2. Find an  agency  near you MoneyGram 
  3. Visit the nearest MoneyGram ^ provided with an identification valid * 
  4. Contact the recipient and contact him transfer the reference to 8 digits

Find a  MoneyGram agent  to send money now   

Want to receive money? 
Nothing more simple.

  1. Ask the reference number transfer 8 digit sender 
  2. Visit the agency  nearest MoneyGram ^ provided with an identification valid * 
  3. Call reference number to the operator MoneyGram, your money will be returned 

Find a  MoneyGram agent  to receive or send money now. 

Conseil utile : la personne qui vous envoie de l'argent peut se rendre sur notre site pour consulter comment envoyer de l'argent, calculer les frais d'envoi selon le montant envoyé et le pays de destination et trouver l'agence MoneyGram la plus proche.


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